Why Choose a Canada Immigration Lawyer? | Goldman AssociatesA Canadian immigration lawyer knows the current application process to streamline your visa application. Our law firm offers a unique combination of qualifications and services to provide a complete service. It is very difficult to find this combination anywhere else.

1. We are a law firm, not an immigration consultancy

Lawyers are much more thoroughly trained than consultants. Moreover, lawyers are able to challenge the immigration authorities in the Canadian courts. So when you hire a lawyer to represent you, you are sending a message to the immigration authorities that you are very serious about your application and you may challenge any decisions that go against your interests. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information on the difference between lawyers and consultants.

2. We have an enormous amount (28 years) of experience helping people to migrate

Mr. Goldman oversees all of the cases of the law firm. He has been helping people to immigrate to Canada since he became a lawyer in 1993.

3. We provide personalized services

Any client that wants to speak personally with Mr. Goldman gets him on the phone or meets with him personally. You are not a “file” to us but a real person with unique needs.

4. We do NOT do “online assessments” because they do not adequately personalize legal advice to the unique situation of each person/family.

Our consultations allow you to talk with an experienced immigration lawyer so that we can hear about what your unique situation is and what is important to you. Based on this information we tailor a specific immigration plan to meet the needs of you and your family.