What Documents Should You Prepare Before Meeting Your Immigration LawyerCanada consistently ranks as one of the best places in the world to live and work due to its high standard of living, free medical care, educational opportunities, flourishing economy, and low crime. As such, many immigrants seeking greener pastures turn their eyes to the great white north.

If you have decided to immigrate to Canada, contact one of the expert immigration lawyers at Goldman Associates to streamline the process and help you achieve your desired outcome. The qualified and experienced team at Goldman Associates will guide you through the application process, which can otherwise be difficult to maneuver alone. Book a consultation to get started and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Once you’ve scheduled a meeting with one of our immigration lawyers, it’s time to gather and organize your paperwork. Here’s a checklist of all the important immigration-related documents you will need.

Birth certificate

Your birth certificate is the best form of identification, and a copy of it is needed to process your application. You can also present a copy of your national ID.

Passport and visa or visa application form

In addition to any relevant travel documentation, a valid passport is one of the most important documents you’ll need. It will be photocopied for your application. Additional documents, if required, can be retrieved from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website. You must also show proof of payment of your visa application fees if you do not already possess a Canadian visa. There are biometric fees and application processing fees.

Passport-sized photographs

You must also provide two passport-sized photos adhering to Canada’s guidelines and requirements. Failure to provide an image can result in your application being rejected. Your immigration lawyer will ensure you understand the photo requirements so you know what to ask for when visiting a photo studio.

Medical examination

To qualify for a long-term stay in Canada, you will need to provide the results of a recent medical examination to ensure you’re not inadmissible due to medical reasons.

Marriage or divorce certificate

Official records of any marriages or divorces are also necessary to include in your list of documents. You must also include official documentation demonstrating if your marriage has been annulled.

Proof of financial means

Whether you are applying for a visa or permanent residence, you may need to prove you can support yourself and your dependent(s) for the duration of your stay. Acceptable documents include bank statements, employment earnings, or evidence that your sponsor can support you.

Letter of support or invitation to Canada

A letter of support or invitation from a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can be beneficial to your application. Specific details about the letter writer are required, such as their name, address, status, job title, and family details.

Police and court documents

If you have been convicted of a crime, you need to determine if that crime makes you inadmissible to Canada. Police and court documents will be used to decide if you are a danger to the Canadian public. There are exceptions and waivers, so bring all relevant police and court documents. Failure to disclose a criminal record can cause your application to be denied.

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