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Permanent Residence Cards – Proof of being a permanent resident of Canada

permanent residence card | Goldman Associates - Canadian Immigration Law Firm

Once approved to enter Canada as a permanent resident, an individual may get a Card that confirms their permanent residence status. This is a Permanent Residence (PR) Card. Most permanent residents of Canada must carry and show their valid permanent resident card when boarding a flight to Canada or when driving to a border entry point. If you do not carry the card, you will likely not be allowed to board the plane if your passport would normally require a visa.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your PR Card is valid when you return from travel outside Canada and to apply for a new PR Card before your current card expires. If your PR card expires, it does NOT mean you have lost your permanent resident status!

If you are a Canadian citizen, you cannot have and do not need a PR card.

You can apply for a PR card only if you have permanent resident status in Canada.

The process of obtaining permanent residency in Canada is complex and time-consuming.  Individuals can apply for Canadian permanent residence under many categories such as Skilled Workers, Business Class Immigration, Provincial Nomination, Family Class Immigration, Refugees and Humanitarian and Compassionate classes. Contact Goldman Associates – Canadian Immigration Law Firm if you have any questions, regarding your permanent residence card.

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