How to Choose the Right Immigration Lawyer | Goldman AssociatesImmigration can be stressful if there is no one with experience to guide you through the process. The extensive paperwork can be time-consuming, and immigration matters can be costly and have serious legal implications if errors are made. For that reason, it is strongly recommended that you hire an experienced immigration lawyer, especially if you are dealing with complex immigration matters, such as applications for permanent residence or citizenship.

Here are five tips on how to choose the best immigration lawyer for your personal needs.

1. Research your options

Before you retain legal representation, do research to identify highly regarded and well-reviewed immigration lawyers. Check for years of experience, areas of specialization and client testimonials. If you are searching for an immigration lawyer in Vancouver, you might also want to check the Law Society of BC’s lawyer directory to ensure the individuals you are considering are authorized to practice law.

After doing your research, narrow your options to the top two or three choices.

2. Schedule a few consultations

Once you have created a shortlist, schedule a consultation with each lawyer. Legal consultations provide an opportunity for you to ask questions that will help you determine which lawyer is right for your case. Ask each lawyer about their experience handling cases similar to yours, possible immigration routes, your chances of success, potential issues and how long the process might take.

3. Discuss the expenses

Always ask about fees and payment structure in your initial meeting with an immigration lawyer, and ensure those details are clearly outlined in any retainer agreement you sign. Many immigration lawyers charge hourly fees. But if your case is complex or if you want to know exactly what it will cost you, you might want to ask about a fixed-fee contract.

4. Build a relationship

Ensure the person you choose to represent you is trustworthy and reliable. Remember, it is important to have a good relationship with your lawyer as you might need to communicate with them frequently. See if the immigration lawyer you are considering asks the right questions and communicates effectively and clearly while explaining complex legal terms. Ensure you do not feel rushed or pressured into making decisions.

5. Stay engaged in the process

It is important that you remain actively involved throughout the immigration process. Ensure your immigration lawyer is keeping you abreast of all the developments in your case, and be sure to seek clarification about anything that is unclear.

Immigration lawyer in Vancouver

Finding the right immigration lawyer will take some effort. But having the right legal representative by your side could be the difference between a successful immigration application and one that is denied.

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