The Canadian Minister of immigration has announced today, May 31, 2023, that the immigration authorities will soon start inviting people to apply for immigration through the Express Entry system, not only based on their point score but based on their occupation or other factors (such as their education, training, and work experience). So they won’t be looking at your CRS or Express Entry Point score. They may also invite people based on a combination of their occupation, language skills, work history, education, and other factors.

In other words, the express entry system will soon be used to invite people in more targeted ways rather than on the blunt instrument of the point system.

The full details of these “selective draws” have not yet been released, but what this means in practical terms is that if you have a desired set of skills in jobs that don’t have enough Canadian workers, then you should register in the Express Entry system even if you have a low point score.

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