Mistakes You Should Avoid When Applying for Immigration to Canada
Areas such as Vancouver are quite welcoming to immigrants seeking to become a part of the world-class Canadian society, and you and your family could be one such person. However, there are challenges in applying due to mistakes made while going through the process, leading to applications being denied or delayed and money wasted.

If you want to increase your chances of a successful immigration application, here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

Not seeking guidance

You can try to tackle the immigration process yourself, but it’s recommended that you seek guidance when applying. Even small things in this process may be the difference that allows you to come to Canada or being refused.

Experienced, specialized immigration lawyers are proficient in such matters, and their advice could prevent long delays in processing or prove to be the difference between getting your application approved or denied.

Using consultants that are not registered

Many fall prey to unscrupulous persons telling them that they can guarantee approval. Don’t be fooled. Stick to highly qualified and highly regulated immigration lawyers. No one can guarantee that your case will be approved.

Lack of patience

The immigration process can be complex and time-consuming. If you seek to be too hasty in your approach, you may miss important details required to ensure your application goes through smoothly. Incorrect information and mistakes on a form, whether it was intentional or not, could see your application rejected.

Late submission

While you must be patient, be advised that delays in the submission of documents or carrying out required activities could lead to you having to start the process all over again, which could mean a loss of time and money.

Downplaying the English and French proficiency tests

Persons, especially native English and French speakers, sometimes disregard the importance of taking the test. With low scores on this test, you run the risk of hurting your chances of a quick entry to Canada as you might not have enough points for your Express Entry application.

Paying fees incorrectly

Sometimes individuals use incorrect platforms to pay for the services they require. If this is the case, it may result in the funds being returned and a delay in the process. Check the payment options for your application before you continue and know what services you are paying for. Also, if paying outside of Canada, ensure you use the correct conversion rates to avoid the incorrect amounts being submitted for your application.

Missing relevant documents

In applying, some persons don’t go through the IRCC checklist extensively and, therefore, may miss some of the relevant documents. Ensure you have all the documents needed for the application process and submit what is required when required.

Consult a reputable Vancouver immigration lawyer

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