Becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada | Goldman AssociatesCanada has always been a popular destination for immigrants as Canadian citizens and residents enjoy a high quality of life.

Paths to permanent residency

If you are hoping to make Canada your new home, here’s how you can become a permanent resident.

Express Entry
Express Entry is a path to permanent residence designed to fill labour gaps through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

The Express Entry assessment involves scrutinizing work experience, education, and financial status. Applications are submitted online, and candidates enter a pool of eligible clients from which there is a draw usually every two to four weeks.

Provincial Nominee Program
The provinces and territories in Canada have Provincial Nominee Programs that accept immigrants with skills, education, and work experience that will allow them to contribute to the economy of the specific province to which they apply. Each Provincial Nominee Program has unique eligibility criteria.

Family sponsorship
Family sponsorship allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor members of their families to move to Canada. Under the program, a child, parent, or grandparent may sponsor. The family member providing sponsorship must be at least 18 years old and prove that they can support the sponsored family member and that they will not need to depend on the government for assistance.

Canadian education
Another way to qualify for permanent residence is by studying in Canada. To be eligible for permanent residence, international students must complete at least 8 months of study at a designated learning institution. Upon completing their course of study, the student can then apply for a post-graduate work permit which will allow them to work in Canada. Some provincial nominee programs do not require any work experience. Otherwise, gaining Canadian work experience will allow them to later apply for permanent residence.

Applying for permanent residence

After determining eligibility under one of the immigration programs or after completing your studies, you will need to apply for your permanent residency through Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada. When compiling your application, you will need the following documentsꓽ

  1. Passport or travel document
  2. Police record
  3. Medical examination certificate
  4. Proof of work experience (not required in all cases).
  5. Proof of funds (not required in all cases).

If you have concerns about your eligibility or questions about the immigration process, you should contact an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers are knowledgeable in immigration policies and are up to date on current application processes. They can also help to streamline your application, thus increasing your chances of success.

Immigration lawyer in Vancouver

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